Should I tan before or after a workout?

Discover the ideal timing for tanning by exploring the benefits of using a sunbed after a workout

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It’s recommended that you should use a sunbed after a workout rather than before. That’s because your pores are more dilated post-workout, helping the UV to penetrate the skin more effectively. Tanning is also a great way to relax your muscles after you’ve hit the gym. 

Let’s explore this question further so that you can make the most of your post-workout sunbed session.

Should I tan before or after a workout? 

Many people like to work on their body all at once, training and tanning in one session. And if you’re one of those people, tanning before workouts or tanning after workouts is the main decision you’ll have to make. While it’s technically fine to do either, it’s always more advisable that you use a sunbed afterwards rather than prior to exercise. 

But why should you tan after a workout, and what’s the best way to approach it?

  • Post-exercise, your skin pores will be more dilated and your blood circulation will be better. This makes it easier to absorb UV rays, helping you get the most benefit out of your time on the sunbed. 
  • Tanning relaxes your muscles and your mood, and so tanning before a workout is not setting you up well for a high-energy workout. Using the tanning bed after, however, is a great way to relax the mind and body post-training. 
  • If you’re following advice and opting for a post-workout tanning session, you still shouldn’t immediately use a sunbed after exercise, as your skin will already be dehydrated, with tanning only dehydrating you further. For safety, you should take a moment to prepare yourself for the tanning session with adequate hydration and appropriate skin preparation before hopping onto the bed. For a full and thorough guide to how to prepare for a tanning session, please see our in-depth article

To make it easier to transition from workout to sunbed, why not choose a gym with a tanning bed provision on-site? For example, our comprehensive facility is a great place to get toned at our gym before enjoying some tanning time in our UV sunbed machines - and we have all the equipment such as eye masks and lotions to make it easy to use. 

Enjoy an all-in-one location for gym facilities and sunbed tanning in Nottingham. Here at Formula One Gym, we’re located in the heart of Nottingham City Centre, making us your go-to local Nottingham tanning site, as well as the perfect place to train thanks to our fully equipped gym. If you’re looking for a sunbed in Nottingham, then our facilities are open to everyone. Simply get in touch to pay a visit. 

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